"I have recommended this book to all my friends and especially pastors or anyone who is in the ministry. Get this book!  It’s right up there with The Shack."
- Joyce McDonald Joray

I finished your book last night. It was GREAT. I will be passing it on to others and hopefully ordering more copies.  Thank you !!!!!
- Lois

I heard about the book on the show Alton did with Sal.  I went to the website Alton gave and read the site and watched the videos and then ordered the book.  I am going to let my granny read it now and am planning on leaving it with my left behind stash that I am making for people who I know will not believe till post rapture.  I am making a stash of books, dvds, etc. for people to find in my house when they come looking for me and this book will be on top.
- Al

The message in the book is clear, the time for 'games' is over. After reading the book I fell on my face crying out to God for my loved ones that I knew were not saved. The book has a message for everyone, the believer and the non-believer.
- Norma

Independent Professional Book Reviewers

by Bettie Corbin Tucker
On the book

The Dead Rise First Countdown by Alton Ragan and Robert D. McLaughlin

When I read The Dead Rise First: Rapture Countdown by Alton Ragan and Robert D. McLaughlin, I was impressed with the writing style and overall presentation.  The chapters cover subjects such as the rapture and tribulation that many individuals—including Christians—hesitate to address.  Why?  Perhaps it is because they are confused as to what Scripture is actually telling them; also interpretation varies even among renowned religious leaders and others who so readily cite Bible verses—chapter and verse—from memory at a moment’s notice.

Though The Dead Rise First is a work of fiction, it may help readers unravel the confusion in regard to “end times,” giving a realistic and believable description of this period through the fictional characters and events.  It is written in a way that is easy-to-understand which is extremely important in trying to identify with the authors as they depict this Biblical account of prophecy and history.  The storyline is informative, exciting, and entertaining.

The main character, Jack, is the pastor of a small church located in Jordan, Oklahoma, a small town where neighbors and residents actually know one another. Although a devout Christian, Jack does not preach the “fire and brimstone” type of sermon that his father had preached until his death years earlier.  But with Jack’s last sermon this would change!  He was a family man, happily married to Rachel, and the father of eight-year old Tommy, fourteen-year old Jennifer and six-year old CJ. Their eldest son Aaron lived in Texas and had not kept close contact with his family; sadly his Christian upbringing appeared to fade in his new environment. 

Pastor Jack and his family enjoyed all the modern conveniences of those living in today’s world.  It was the age of the Internet, email, cell phones, video games, and other technical wonders that kept everyone busy and informed.  But all of this changed when the pastor’s wife was awakened by a roaring sound as a tremor made its way across the land.  It soon became evident that it was more than a simple power outage.  Computer chips were fried; this meant ATMs, banks, gas stations, grocery stores, water treatment facilities, etc. were non-operational.  There was no way of knowing how much of America had been affected by this strange occurrence, but it was frightening and people wanted some answers. Was it a terrorist attack? Had they been bombed? 

As mentioned above, the last sermon preached by Pastor Jack was very powerful; he pleaded with people to accept Christ before it was too late.  Time was running out; Jesus would be returning soon.  This last sermon was given in the local cemetery; though, initially, armed soldiers were there, trying to control the gathering crowd.  Why had martial law been declared?  What was happening?  It was impossible to stop the crowd who had been drawn to the cemetery—but would they heed the call?  It was at this cemetery (and others across the country) where approximately ten percent of the graves were open and bodies were missing.  Many people in the town had talked with relatives and friends who had been dead and buried for various lengths of time.  Now resurrected, they walked among the townspeople, just as Jesus had done after his resurrection.  Pastor Jack had talked and spent time with his deceased parents; it was a wonderful, incredible reunion. But time was short; the rapture was close.  Pastor Jack poured out his heart, sapping his strength in an effort to save the souls of those who had not yet accepted Christ.  Though his audience included believers, there were also non-believers, those who had said the sinner’s prayer but not truly accepted Christ in their hearts, backsliders, and people who were only lukewarm to his message.  His son Aaron was in the crowd as was his wife’s unsaved brother?  Did they go forward?  What about the other characters whom readers met throughout the story? How many did he lead to Christ?  And then, as Pastor Jack looked around, he saw his parents ascending into the clouds; the dead did rise first!  An instant later, he was in the Lord’s presence.  Though the Rapture had taken place, many were left behind to face the Tribulation.

I strongly recommend this book as a “must read.”  It should be in public and church libraries, and carried by bookstores across the country.  Purchase one for yourself and your pastor!  It is my hope that the sequel to this novel will be just as exciting and scripturally sound as The Dead Rise First.

Bettie Corbin Tucker

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